Ehostat Ltd research and development

Ehostat is laboratory for research and experimental development within social sciences and humanities. We are driven by interest for exploration of human behaviour and desire to move the limits of knowledge especially in the areas of physiology, sociology and kinesiology.

We are registered at Commercial Court in Zagreb, Republic of Croatia and are VAT beneficiaries. We are founded by our own funds with the amount of 25 000 HRK of fundamental capital.


Every claim, theory, product, training or business strategy has to be founded on precise and verifiable information to be considered worthy. Objectivity in usage of measurable methods and impartiality in interpretation of results are foundation on which we build every research. We are driven by professional ambition and inexhaustible optimism and we respect ethical rules of our profession. We believe that creative and production oriented work is precondition for establishment of added values in the market.

Internet has become reality in reality and as information complex and media has usage with increasing frequency in households. It is estimated that in 2010 almost 2,000.000.000 of internet users have been active. We believe that internet will have bigger importance in the future as media for dissemination of knowledge and information and that the users will recognise and support quality, objectivity and trustworthiness of content published on the internet.

As a first step in our efforts to develop leading research centre in Croatia, and in region, we have developed unique system for setting up small on-line polls on the web sites of our partners and clients.

Scope of work

Our fundamental scope of work is exploration of behaviour and performances of beneficiaries who are using our services and participate in our research. Results from our research are first step in development of theories and products, business strategies or psychological measureable instruments.

During dynamic social life we are conducting data collection and analysis in order to push limits of knowledge and promote path-breaking products with added values. Also we are carrying out commercial market and human potential research services.

We are driven by ethical business principles, quality products and services and professional responsibility. We are conducting wide range of research enterprises and experimental testing of working hypothesis, products and business strategies.

Socially responsible business

We are using objective approach and assure representation of all categories of answers.

For scientific institutions we are providing services of centre for administration of research throughout internet and collection of information. This service is provided on privileged price.

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Simple and lucid display of results for better insight into results distribution.

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Usage of research results and correct interpretation guarantees sustainable development.